The coaching would not be complete without the field work. GIRLS’ BIBLE SCHOOLS 345 Miss M. M. Crabtree, who until her recent death, was an teacher within the faculty, has written a description of the student life with a vividness and sympathy which would be troublesome to surpass. We enable her to usher us for a time into the Life at Harris Memorial. The big gong down within the front corridor booms out at five-thirty within the morning. Some Filipino girls have just as much trouble getting their eyes open as American women do, but breakfast is at six o’clock, so there may be not a lot time for stretching and yawning.

Fully half the gross earnings of the Naboloi is spent on their feasts and dances. One dance, ceremony must suffice for instance this most fascinating zero „The Igorrote Religion,” by Rev. Rene Michielsons, B. F. M., in Annals for Propagation of the Faith, I92I, p. 24, ff. 24 THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES I. Negritos, belonging to the negroid race, with kinky hair and black skins.

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The Independent church was subsequently made up mainly of those that had no money with which to build expensive church buildings. The constructions they put up during which to worship were wretched, and didn’t encourage the awe and reverence which the Filipinos had felt in their former magnificent church buildings. It seemed to a lot of them that the very foundation of their religion had been torn away-as if they’d lost all connection with God.

Instantly Archbishop Bernardino Nozaleda demanded extermination by „fireplace, sword, and wholesale executions.” But General Blanco didn’t wish at that moment to infuriate the Filipinos by drastic punishment. He had solely fifteen hundred troops within the Philippines, of which seven hundred were at Manila. Two thousand extra troops had been on the way from Spain and Blanco wished to attend for them. The friars cabled the Spanish crown protesting in opposition to Blanco’s „inexplicable inactivity” and requested that he get replaced by a stronger man. On August 26, I896, a thousand rebels made a raid on Caloocan after which fled.

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Twelve years more passed and one day in I9I7 a colporteur entered the town of Chambangay, Bohol, where these seekers after the reality lived, and sold the entire Bible, not to Jacinto Nuez alone, but also to all the individuals who may buy earlier than his stock was exhausted. AMERICA ARRIVES 135 had up to this time continued quietly to perform his official church capabilities in the 4 provinces to which the Archbishop had assigned him. As the fortunes of the insurgents waned, they were driven increasingly more into the northern country. Aglipay came into great prominence as a result of he was one of many few males who may encourage and command the quickly demoralizing forces. Aglipay convoked an ecclesiastical meeting at Tarlac, to which got here delegates from several dioceses. On October 23, I899 this meeting permitted Aglipay’s appointment by Aguinaldo as head of the Filipino Church.

Perhaps it’s pointless to say what is all over the place acknowledged, that, exterior the realm of religion, the public college system is incomparably better on this period than it was in Spanish times. Even these merits which one finds within the printed plans of these days had been largely paper deserves and have been seldom nearly as good as they sounded.

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Protestant Filipinos are notably insistent that there must be Protestant excessive faculties and faculties. These schools, they are saying, will prove a virile constituency, prepared to offer the monetary and moral help which the church buildings want. The outstanding affect of Silliman Institute at Dumaguete, of Jaro at Iloilo, of the 4Rader in M. 298 THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES preacher, and Angustia is untried, but they have won their way with the people. Recently we wrote to the churches that unless the folks took extra seriously the matter of selfsupport we must always should remove the Prons. The next time I visited there, as I neared the house, the children who are always at Angustia’s heels began to weep. I didn’t see the brother or sister, and I surmised that considered one of them was both useless or dying, from the sounds and evidences of tears that I noticed on every hand.

Very uncommon pastors have come from America for two year terms of service. The congregation has become so large that regularly late comers discover standing room solely. 214 THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES unmarried males who had previously indicated their willingness to select and marry these women. The Mayor was severely criticised for inflicting this crowd of morally and bodily diseased ladies upon the luckless city of Davao, even though some folks in Davao wished them.

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In this far-off corner of the world dim echoes of that gigantic somersault in human thought are occasionally heard. It sounds sweet to the ears of 1000’s who feel the strain of a despotism which lacks creativeness and sympathy.

They would level out the multitudes of beautiful issues that are being done by church buildings which outsiders wouldn’t do. Who save Christians would go to Bilibid each Sunday afternoon to carry a message of hope to the prisoners and level them to God, as a band of Young Men’s Christian Association lads are doing? Who save a Christian would go to the Deaf and Blind School to show them tales about Jesus and to play and sing hymns for them, as Miss Carmen Canunan did for so lengthy? The Church is aiding the sick, the imprisoned, the hungry, the naked every day, however it is not blowing a trumpet, nor even letting its right hand know what its left hand doeth. The Church might plead responsible to a lack of scientific technique in much that it does, however it stands incomparably greater than all different establishments put collectively, not maybe in the amount it offers away, but in what’s extra essential than gifts, the like it offers with them.